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Are you a Woman over 50 who is doing well in life but you feel like there’s something missing…

There's something even BIGGER for you.

A Dream Within You

A dream within you that’s ready to come out…

Is this you?

Even though we’re in a time of global crisis and you might feel like now isn’t the time to think about more than survival,
your dream doesn’t go away… 

This may be the PERFECT time to focus on your future self!

Dive into the World Of Unlimited Potential


Matrix Reimprinting

EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping

Coach Teri Bach

Meet Teri

I was a psychotherapist for 27 years before transitioning into becoming a transformational coach. I guide other women entrepreneurs over 50 to Open Doors To Their Next Possibility. 

I’m a woman over 50 (much over) and it was time to envision a bigger life for myself. I didn’t have any commitments anymore. So, when an opportunity came up for me to go to Rome, Italy in September 2018. Just a few months after Mom died. I said “yes!” Since I’ve been back, I now know that my dream is to live in Italy at least part-time.

What’s YOUR dream? 

Or are you like I was and don’t know yet what that is or what it looks like? What fears or beliefs are holding you back from going after that dream? I’d love to support you in finding a way to YOUR dream.

What My Clients Say About Me

Teri and I had the pleasure of working together for roughly six months. During that time, we addressed my money issues by looking deeply at personal traumas and events that were affecting my money. As we released these traumas through tapping, I found that not only did my money situation improve but my emotional overeating and other unhealthy coping mechanisms have diminished. I have already paid off one credit card and cut my spending in half! Money has continued to show up in unexpected ways - and debt I thought would take a year to pay off looks like it can be paid off in six months! Additionally, I have finally started my writing career and am embracing a dream I had as a child, but was not able to step into due to unresolved trauma. Thank you SO much Teri - you are worth every penny and more! I look forward to continuing to work with you.
Magdaline D.
Before I started working with Teri, I had no direction or focus for a business. I felt scattered and overwhelmed. After just one session, I felt so much more clarity about what I wanted to do. The tapping somehow released a block. Through doing more work with Teri, I was able to work through a lot of the inner dialogue about being a fraud that was preventing me from accepting my new found talents and new business. I have consistently doubled my income every month since working with Teri (individual experiences may vary). I am so grateful and delighted to have cleared the path thanks to her guidance and expertise.
Nicoline M.
I tried this program because I felt stuck. I help other people succeed, reach their professional goals, and move further up in our organizational structure. However, I stayed in the same place. A place where I helped others see their value and succeed but I couldn’t see it in myself. I had no idea how much I was holding myself back until I met Teri and was introduced to this program. The most transformational moment for me was when we worked on the Goal Trauma and I finally recognized how much past events are influencing me today. Through this program, I healed that trauma and recognized my value. This program helped me understand the unsuccessful patterns I had established in my work life and to break free from holding myself back in reaching my goals.
Jillain E.
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