I’ve been a psychotherapist for 25 years. I loved all of those years of helping people and I made a pretty decent living at it. For awhile….. The business of doing therapy changed drastically over the years and I soon found myself not earning the income I had been earning and my Savings dwindled. I became scared.

And it got much worse. I was living in CA at the time and had already purchased my home at the lake in MN. I had been coming back during the summer so I could spend time with my Mom who was in assisted living.

Then the market changed and all the equity I had in my condo in CA was lost, an investment I had made with my retirement funds was gone, and I lost many of my therapy clients because they were losing their jobs and couldn’t use their insurance for therapy anymore. Now I was really scared.

I scrambled to find new clients and I was working a lot of hours just to make ends meet. I struggled for several years not seeming to be able to make a decent living again. And worse I was now accumulating more Debt just to stay afloat.

Through some help from my coach, I decided to sell everything in CA and move into my home in MN. I wanted to be closer to my family but I also wanted to really simplify my life and cut way back on my expenses.

Amazingly the housing market in CA suddenly jumped again and my condo value went back up so I could pay off my mortgage and my realtor’s commission. I was thrilled. I could move to MN. I was excited. Maybe things were finally turning around.

I had been trying to move from therapy to coaching for several years but I couldn’t figure out how. I had been a therapist for so long that I couldn’t figure out how to transition that into coaching. But then I found the Tapping into Wealth coaching program which I’m now doing. I was impressed with the work and became a certified TIW coach. By going through the coaching program and finding a coach to work through the program, I discovered a whole boatload of reasons that I was struggling financially. I found old programming from my parents, limiting beliefs that kept me where I was out of fear of standing out, my need to stay invisible which was easy as a therapist. My new coach and I worked on all that for about 6 months.

I discovered how much of a struggle money had been for my parents who had grown up in The Depression. I hadn’t even realized how much that would affect me. I saw how many of their beliefs I had taken on without knowing it. I saw many parallels between how they felt about money and how I was handling mine.

After clearing much of my old programming and limiting beliefs, I felt so much lighter and ready to make a good income as a coach. I’m beginning to find ways of building my coaching business in a way that had never worked before. I’m loving meeting new people and getting up in front of them to talk and tell them about this awesome program I have that helps other entrepreneurs unload all their old programming and limiting beliefs, too. And THAT is why I’m so passionate about teaching you this work.

How many of you would love to make more money so you can live in a way you choose to live and not just settle for what you can afford?

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