I was talking to a friend today and telling her that I recently had a sign.  Literally I saw a sign in a parking lot…  The sign was attached to a Pontoon – a boat that I’ve wanted for some time but have told myself I couldn’t afford YET.  I’ve even convinced myself that I didn’t really even want one because it would be so much work and too much maintenance. 

Then I’d have to get a lift.  And then I’d have to get a new dock because the wood on my dock is aging and splintering.  But it didn’t matter because I don’t have a boat so I don’t really have to have a new dock either, do I? 

But the sign on that Pontoon said how much that boat would cost per month.  I’d never thought about the cost per month, I’ve always just thought of the many thousands of dollars it would cost to buy it outright. 

How often do we do that to ourselves?  Want something but it seems too big and overwhelming so we convince ourselves that we don’t really want it at all.  And how many times does that happen?  What does that do to our dreams?  I realized that I’ve been shutting down many of my dreams because I didn’t think I could have them YET…  I’ve put so many things on hold because I’ve started a new career and my finances aren’t where I want them yet, I need to take care of my Mom, or my budget doesn’t allow me to buy things or remodel my home right now so I quit dreaming and wanting. 

People asked me what my WHY is and I couldn’t tell them anymore because I’d given up on it.  But that sign on the Pontoon gave me my dreams back!  I realized then that I could buy that damn Pontoon – it IS affordable when I look at it in terms of monthly payments. 

(Not MY Dock)

My dock?  Well, I thought maybe I could get by with the old and icky one for a while longer.  But I looked out at the dock today – that’s still sitting on my front lawn until the ice leaves the lake – and noticed that all the wind we’ve been having blew some of that wood into the lake and it’s been carried across the lake now.  I guess that’s another sign, right?  I need a new dock (or at least new boards).  All of a sudden everything seems so possible and so doable!

As I watched the wood being carried across the lake today, I noticed the top of an evergreen tree floating towards my beach.  The tree –  a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future.

Don’t give up on your dreams!  Break them down and see how doable they really are!

5 thoughts on “Are You Squashing Your Dreams?”

  1. Awesome! Funny story! I love the signs you received to remind you that your dreams are still alive. It’s a great reminder: what is the status of my own dreams? Time for a review. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Linda! I’ve felt so much more alive since I realized I’d been squashing my dreams over time. Who knew? Yes, definitely look at your own dreams and see if you’re keeping them alive!

  2. I love the story. I realized that I do that same thing Have a great idea and then squash it because I’ think its beyond me. NO MORE! Thanks

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