Why Isn’t My Income Bigger?

Do you know that there’s a part of you that’s keeping you from earning more and keeping you from having the financial freedom you want.  It’s the downside to having or earning more money.  It’s the part of you that believes (subconsciously) that if you had more money, you’d turn into the type of wealthy person you don’t like.  It doesn’t matter that you know lots of wonderful and loving wealthy people-it’s the greedy, mean, […]

Are You Open to Receiving?

In my last post, I talked about the importance of being open to receiving. What does that have to do with Money? When it comes to setting a big wealth goal, there are two sides to the equation. First is the working part and the second is the receiving part. Many people are good at the first part but you must also allow yourself to receive all the rewards from your hard work – money, […]

Is Your Income Goal Out of Alignment?

The fourth category in my 5 Kinds of Money series is Income Goals. Setting an income goal is the first step in changing your financial picture. In the Money Map session that I offer, I have people take their current monthly income and double it! Some people say “Great!” and “What a relief!” and things like that. But I encourage them to go a bit deeper because the reality is if it’s really that ok […]

Are You Happy With Your Income?

In my last Blog post, I talked about the 5 types of Money: Savings, Debt, Income, Income Goals and Toxic Money. The first category of money is Income. Income is the direct flow of money into your life that’s received in exchange for your time and energy.