Let’s start talking!

  Many of us grew up with the understanding that there were certain topics we just didn’t talk about. Religion, Politics, Sex . . . . and apparently Money! Things have changed and we’re now talking about Religion, Politics, and Sex ad nauseam but we still don’t seem to be talking about Money. Why don’t we talk about Money?  I know why I didn’t – it kind of made me feel sick to my stomach […]

How do you FEEL about money?

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ve been hearing about the 5 kinds of money (savings, debt, income, income goals and toxic) and the 3 aspects of each type of money: 1)    Programmed beliefs and habitual thoughts 2)    Emotions running through the nervous system 3)    Traumas

Is Your Money Toxic?

The fifth category in my 5 Kinds of Money series is Toxic Money. It can be the most disempowering type of money block. Toxic money is money that is owed to you but you are in some kind of battle over it either with someone else or with yourself. For example, you are owed spousal support but your spouse is angry or refusing to give you this money every month. So every time you receive […]