Opening Doors to Your Financial Freedom

Are You a Woman Business Owner On the Verge of Success BUT… You Can't Get There?

Are You Tired of Working Hard But Still Not Getting The Financial Results You Want?

Do You Dream of Bigger Things?

Do You Dream of Bigger Things?

Do any of these apply to you?

Opening Doors To Your Financial Freedom Program Is For YOU!

Opening Doors To Your Financial Freedom Program Is For YOU!

Get Ready To:

Until now, this content has been reserved exclusively for my private clients…

but now YOU can learn what they learned…

at a much lower price!

Teri takes a unique, yet straight-forward, approach to her sessions. She is gifted with the ability to tap into areas of your life that you have forgotten about, or maybe you had already tried to address, but still haven’t fully moved past them. Teri then gives you the tools to work through the energy with a new found confidence, enabling you to come out the other side feeling lighter and more empowered. After one session with Teri, I immediately received opportunities to earn new income. This was because I felt confident and excited to promote my talents and abilities, whereas before working with Teri, I felt unsure about myself and overwhelmed with my emotions. Through the sessions with Teri, I healed old emotional programs that I had previously struggled with releasing. I truly felt I was able to move forward, finally. You can tap into your wealth of potential with Teri’s guidance and expertise! Sarah Nather Jacobs, Editor of Crystal Connections Magazine, Fargo ND, USA
Sarah Nather Jacobs
Editor of Crystal Connections Magazine, Fargo ND, USA

The "Opening Doors To Your Financial Freedom" Program Includes:


The Opening Doors To Your Financial Freedom program includes:
Thank you so much for this transformational program Teri! I have done a lot of personal development work in the past few years. This program helped me break through and find things I hadn’t thought to do clearing on. The session on financial trauma was huge for me! I was able to work through and release some major traumas that I didn’t realize were holding me back and still bothering me in my life today. You are an amazing facilitator and teacher. Thank you so much! I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to break free from their financial blocks!
Tracy Kouba
Holistic Coach at Soulspace, West Fargo ND, USA
Before I started working with Teri, I had no direction or focus for a business. I felt scattered and overwhelmed. After just one session, I felt so much more clarity about what I wanted to do. The tapping somehow released a block. Through doing more work with Teri, I was able to work through a lot of the inner dialogue about being a fraud that was preventing me from accepting my new found talents and new business. I have consistently doubled my income every month since working with Teri (individual experiences may vary). I am so grateful and delighted to have cleared the path thanks to her guidance and expertise.
Nicoline Mann
Artist, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
I recently started a new business venture. Teri helped me focus on what my big goals are and how I can not only reach them but exceed them! Taking the time weekly to tune in, do the tapping, and to continue with the lessons each week were invaluable on both a personal and a professional level. I’m so thankful to have met Teri and taken part in this program. I know my business will see the benefits many times over!
Mary Christy
Agnes and Dora Clothing, Fargo ND, USA
When I started in the program, I was stuck on not reaching out for higher goals because of all the disappointment I had had in the past. I was afraid to set big goals and go for them. My goal was only $2000 a month. Since working with Teri I’ve surpassed that goal earning well into 6 figures and have opened my own Real Estate Business. I never would have thought it possible, but with Teri’s help I’ve been able to soar higher than I ever have and achieve goals I never dared to dream of.
Rhonda Rajaofera
Broker/Owner of Integrity Real Estate Professionals, Auburn, CA, USA

The Course Modules

Module 1 - My Confidential Money Map

In this first module you will create your personal Money Map of Clarity which reveals exactly what and where to clear your money blocks that keep you from the success you desire.

Uncover the 5 kinds of money and begin to understand the emotions and programming attached to each one that is holding you back.

You’ll clearly see the mind-body connection with your money, why it has been interfering with your finances and how to get rid of it.

Module 1 - My Confidential Money Map

Module 2 - Your Earliest Money Paradigm

In this module we’ll go deeply into the root of where your beliefs, thoughts and emotions around money began. You WILL be surprised!

You’ll see how this early programming has set for you:

  • How much money you can earn
  • How hard you need to work for your money
  • How much you deserve
  • Whether or not you have Debt
  • And so much more….

You’ll have clarity on your old programming and limiting beliefs so you can clear them and make your own choices about money!

Module 2 - Your Earliest Money Paradigm

Module 3 - Clearing Financial and Goal “Traumas”

Have you had a past event that when you look at your Debt or your Savings, you say “if only that hadn’t happened, I’d be so much further ahead.” Or something in the past that you really wanted and you tried so hard to get but it didn’t happen? You felt like a failure.

In this module, you’ll be exploring these past events and how they have affected you.

You’ll release all the emotions and beliefs about you and these events so you can have excitement, passion and confidence in going after your current goals.

Module 3 - Clearing Financial and Goal “Traumas”

Module 4 - Outrageous Goals

In this module you’ll see why you aren’t earning more and what comes up when you envision more.

By clearing limiting beliefs about earning more money, you’ll be open to bigger ideas and taking inspired action.

You’ll make bigger strides and see results in your income quickly!

Module 4 - Outrageous Goals
Coach Teri Bach

About Teri Bach

I was a psychotherapist for 27 years. As a certified Tapping Into Wealth coach, I now coach women like you who want to earn more by helping you change the beliefs you have about money. When you work with me, you’re able to earn unexpected income, get new clients or sales and have increased levels of confidence and motivation. I help women like you get your passion and excitement back.

Why Am I Doing This?

I’ve been teaching success-minded women this fantastic life-changing content for over four years. The praise for my work has been fabulous – because it creates permanent change – and gets results!

It’s time for me to provide this ground-breaking education in a course format – so that everyone can benefit from it. So…I’ve decided to offer this program at a very low cost for women who want to make significant shifts – and make huge changes – and get more financial freedom!

I recently completed my first coaching program with Teri. I was excited to participate to learn what I could do to grow my business. I was looking to not only grow my paycheck but also attract more people to my network. I was surprised by the amount of energy shifting I experienced with the tapping. Through the program I became aware of money issues that were blocking my success and ways to address and clear them. Since the program, I’m more confident and able to push myself beyond my comfort zone. In just a couple of weeks new opportunities for my business to grow have developed.
Cindy Voss
Wellness Coordinator Juice Plus, Casselton ND, USA
I tried this program because I felt stuck. I help other people succeed, reach their professional goals, and move further up in our organizational structure. However, I stayed in the same place. A place where I helped others see their value and succeed but I couldn’t see it in myself. I had no idea how much I was holding myself back until I met Teri and was introduced to this program. The most transformational moment for me was when we worked on the Goal Trauma and I finally recognized how much past events are influencing me today. Through this program, I healed that trauma and recognized my value. This program helped me understand the unsuccessful patterns I had established in my work life and to break free from holding myself back in reaching my goals.
Jillain Ehnert
Grantwriting and Management, Fargo ND, USA
With the techniques that were taught by Teri, I was able to pay off three car payments the first time I listened and the second time I was able to deal with a lot of change in my business. I also was able to do a major transformation in my diet and exercise helping me to lose over 100 pounds.
Barb Steger
owner of Barbara’s Hair and Body Care, Detroit Lakes, MN, USA
Before this program, I felt very stuck where I was in my current situation. It seemed that no matter how hard I worked, I wasn’t getting ahead. I realized that I was in a job that I’m not 100% suited for. The work I did in this program opened the door to other possibilities that I’m better suited for.
Dena Bennett
Financial Advisor, Fargo, ND, USA
I found a lot of value in this program led by Teri Bach. It was instrumental in helping me uncover and confront my negative beliefs about money and begin to overcome them. Her pacing was exceptional, easy to follow and understand. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to earn more money and feel good about doing so.
Pam Penner
Owner, Facilitating Solutions, Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada
“I decided to take this program because I was ready to grow my business and break through my fear that is keeping me from increasing my finances and my business. The thing that was most transformational for me was knowing what to focus on in asking questions and figuring out what is actually holding me back. It allowed me to think about specific events in my past that molded my current thinking. I now feel more confident about my ability to grow my business and just do it! I am more focused and realize the things I need to work on. I now know the tools needed to help me get to where I want to be.
Casey Paisley
Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay, Fargo ND, USA

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