income-300x300In my last Blog post, I talked about the 5 types of Money: Savings, Debt, Income, Income Goals and Toxic Money.

The first category of money is Income. Income is the direct flow of money into your life that’s received in exchange for your time and energy.

It represents survival and the level at which you value yourself. Thinking about your income can trigger and identify programmed emotions around survival. Your income represents how much income your parents had and how hard they had to work for their money.

The key to your income level is your belief in your personal worth and the value of what you do or give.   That’s why you see people with little education or training have great success and others who have lots of credentials and degrees not make much income. So if your belief in your value is low, subconsciously you’ll always either keep your income low or work very hard for your money.

The reality is, the money you earn is a reflection of what you believe you deserve at a deep level, based on your programmed feelings and beliefs about how valuable you are. And if you earn more than those programmed feelings and beliefs set point thinks you should, you’ll subconsciously find a way to work harder, longer hours, sabotage it or somehow sacrifice more to make it feel fair.

The cool thing is that once these programmed feelings and beliefs are identified and cleared, you can make any amount of income you want by working the number of hours you want and doing what you love.

If you’d like more information, please schedule a free Money Map session.

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