where does all money go?“I’m not good with money.”  How many times have you said that? Think about what that conjures up in so many different ways.

From a Law of Attraction perspective, what are you putting out to the Universe? “Don’t send me money because I’m not good with it”…..

And yet I hear this comment many times from clients. In fact, I just reviewed the session notes from people who have done a Money Map session with me.

Since this was a frequent comment, I thought it was important to talk about it.

What does “I’m not good with money” even mean? You’re not good at making it? You’re not good at saving it? You’re not good at investing it? You spend too much of it?

It’s important to know what you’re telling yourself because you’re probably saying it MANY times a day. As a Tapping Into Wealth coach, I know how detrimental that can be.

Let’s try something….  Close your eyes. Say that statement out loud “I’m not good with money.” Notice how you feel when you say it.    Sad?    Angry?     Shame?    Embarrassed? Now what do you notice in your body? Any tension? Where? What thoughts come up when you say it?

All of THAT is your old programming, limiting beliefs, and emotions around money and that’s just around that one saying….

Imagine what else might be lurking……..

Until the end of April, I’m offering a Complimentary Money Map session ($247 value) . Click here to schedule your appointment.  Let’s find out what else is lurking 🙂

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