I’m a part of a new mastermind group.  In this group, I agreed to make a video about being Stuck; what it looks like, why we get stuck, and how to get out of it.

This came about because I had been talking about why I haven’t done a video in a while.  I have to research, prepare, memorize… paralysis by analysis, right?

Then there’s – I need to pick a day where I put on makeup and feel like doing my hair…..

Who’s going to watch it, no one will comment on it.  On  and on the excuses go.  And that’s what they all are – excuses!

So I agreed to making this video on Being Stuck.  And guess what, I got stuck!  I researched “being stuck” – what does that mean to people?  I got lots of answers.  I guess a lot of people are stuck….   I went to YouTube and watched countless videos on people talking and Tapping about being stuck.   I guess this is really a great subject and it’s certainly one that many people can relate to.

Okay, so I’m no further along in actually doing my video but I have finally gotten out a short post. 🙂

One of the things I did discover in my research is that doing something creative will get you moving out of Stuckness.  Writing, drawing, dancing, painting, knitting a scarf are all great ways to get our energy moving in a more positive direction.  Well, I’ve just written this Post, so maybe now that video will come out soon, too.

How are you feeling stuck in your life?  Is this something that you struggle with?  I would truly love to hear from you.  And I’ll let you know when I get my short video done. . .

2 thoughts on “I’m Stuck and Not Moving…”

  1. You made laugh Teri! I think this is your second post about being stuck with this video and I completely relate. When I’m stuck with something like this, the voice in my head is SCREAMING “Just make the damn video!”, and another voice is screaming LOUDER “You can do it tomorrow!”

    As a mm partner I’d be giving you kudos for writing the post, and strangling you for not making the video, hahaha.

    Thanks for making me feel not so alone with the stuckness. Now go make the damn video!

    1. Ha! Thanks, Linda! I cracked myself up feeling so stuck about making a video about being stuck. So I decided to write this post to talk about it. Because isn’t talking about it another way to avoid actually doing it???? 🙂 I actually did make the video but I want to make it into 2 parts because it’s way too long. I included Tapping in it.

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