0r5asn9The fourth category in my 5 Kinds of Money series is Income Goals. Setting an income goal is the first step in changing your financial picture. In the Money Map session that I offer, I have people take their current monthly income and double it! Some people say “Great!” and “What a relief!” and things like that. But I encourage them to go a bit deeper because the reality is if it’s really that ok with them, that’s what they would be earning.

In the last post on Income, I suggested that what we are earning is what our programming (our set point) allows us to earn. Going beyond that set point in setting an income goal, will trigger specific programmed beliefs. That’s why business owners often don’t set income goals because it will trigger many negative programmed beliefs and emotions such as fear, fear of failure, and fear of what their family will think of them ~ remember family paradigm programming.

In the Tapping Into Wealth program we spend quite a bit of time looking at income goals or outrageous goals to find out what the programmed beliefs and emotions are. Some of the exercises point out what the inner critic is saying that’s stopping the person from expanding their income goals. Writing these goals down is really going to trigger some negative nervous system mind-body reactions. But I want people to see how much this is costing them! How much this mind-body connection is costing them – even just in this one category of their income goals. It is costing them doubling their income!!!!

But when we shift what’s happening in the nervous system particularly around income goals, this is where things really change. They will actually start creating and earning more money. Most people have a lot going for them; they have brilliance, creativeness, ideas, inspirations, and skills but they are blocked by their programming and emotions which take a hit on their nervous system. When we remove these programmed beliefs and emotions with Tapping, people are left with all of their brilliance, creativeness, ideas, etc. And now they can align all of this with their Income, Savings or Debt goals and they begin creating in a way that wasn’t happening before.

Would you like to be more aligned with your goals?

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