In my last Post, I talked about your worthy and deserving set point. In this Post, we will do a couple of exercises so you can see what yours is.

Exercise for Deserving

Look at your income goal (if you don’t have one, please get one!) and each of these statements:

“I totally deserve to earn $________________”

“My gifts and talents are valuable enough to earn $______________ “

When you say these out loud, notice how you feel inside. How true does it feel on a scale of 1-10? Not how much you want it but how it feels… And now let’s tweak it a bit more 🙂 by adding the number of hours per week that you WANT to work.

“I totally deserve to earn $__________ working _____ hours a week.”

“My gifts and talents are valuable enough to earn $__________ in ______ hours a week.”

How true does it feel on a scale of 1-10? What beliefs or feelings pop up from saying these things out loud?

You can take this exercise even further by imagining that you’re standing in front of thousands of people you know: parents, siblings, extended family, friends, colleagues, current and potential clients/customers, people from school, etc. You’re holding a sign with your income amount on it and declaring the above statements. Now you’ll see even more resistance that blocks you really going after this goal.

When you do this visualization, your inner critic is projected onto the audience. All the things you hear and see them saying and doing, are really what you are saying and doing to yourself.

All of this is important to see so you can clear it with Tapping. I’m linking a Tapping diagram and a couple of  Tapping Scripts here so you can now clear these things that came up. Feel free to add some of your own things if they aren’t in the scripts. Also, please contact me if you’d like help or more suggestions at

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