Money Map

Discovering Your Money Map Will Help You Identify All The Past Programmed Beliefs That Have Kept You Stuck In:



  • Not making enough Income

  • Not having enough money in Savings

  • Having too much Debt

  • Past events that keep you from earning more or having bigger goals


In this powerful exercise of discovering your Money Map, we will be looking at 3 kinds of money and the 3 aspects of each type of money.


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Past clients have noticed dramatic shifts in their lives just from this one session:


“I’ve noticed that my creativity for what I want to do with my business has opened up just since doing the Money Map.  I’m no longer fearful to try new things.”
Debra M.
“Working with you has changed my financial thinking greatly.  Now I see where some of my decisions have come from and how they have hurt me financially.  Surprisingly, this work has improved my relationship with my husband as well.”
Laurie H.
“After just doing the Money Map with you, I see financial patterns and parallels in my marriage that I saw my parents doing.  With your help, I’m now noticing these patterns and look forward to working with you to get rid of them once and for all.”
Rhonda R.