open-to-receiveIn my last post, I talked about the importance of being open to receiving. What does that have to do with Money? When it comes to setting a big wealth goal, there are two sides to the equation. First is the working part and the second is the receiving part. Many people are good at the first part but you must also allow yourself to receive all the rewards from your hard work – money, recognition, etc.

I’ve been working with several clients in my Tapping Into Wealth program. They have been doing incredible work on themselves, going into old programming and beliefs around money and other things and clearing them. BUT one of them has been frustrated that her money situation hasn’t improved. Initially, I just told her to give it some time – her financial situation isn’t going to change immediately.

I thought about her capacity to receive. Having been trained as a Go-Giver coach where the 5th Law of Strastopheric Success is the Law of Receptivity, I know how important the ability to receive is. I know that my client’s history was all about NOT receiving. She was taught so much about repressing what she wanted, about giving money away when she received any because other people needed it more. She learned to not want or need anything, because those wants and needs would be ignored.

We tapped A LOT on Not Depending on Anyone and on Being Open to Receiving. That was two weeks ago. In our session this week, she said “OMG, money is pouring into my business. Things are really moving quickly and I’m so overwhelmed!”

So this week we tapped on Overwhelm. 🙂

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