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Is Your Thermostat Set to Struggling or Success – Part 2

In my last Post, I talked about your worthy and deserving set point. In this Post, we will do a couple of exercises so you can see what yours is. Exercise for Deserving Look at your income goal (if you don’t have one, please get one!) and each of these statements: “I totally deserve to earn $________________” “My gifts and talents are valuable enough to earn $______________ “ When you say these out loud, notice […]

Is Your Thermostat Set to Struggling or Success?

If you aren’t earning what you’d like to be earning, you may have a deserving or worthiness issue. Now before you argue with me, let me say that even if you have five educational degrees and see yourself as confident, you may still have a deserving and worthiness issue. You’re wired with an inner set point indicating how worthy and deserving you are of money, reward, and pleasure. This set point acts like a preset […]