human brain with arms, legs and magnet on handsI have noticed that when working with people who follow the Law of Attraction, that many are very reluctant to use negative statements while doing their work with me in the Tapping Into Wealth program.

My experience is that in order for Law of Attraction to be at its best, we need to begin with the negative, or the “as is” statements and get rid of them. Law of Attraction states that what you think about while in a positive or negative vibration will be attracted. Some people fear that they will attract the negative if they say negative things out loud.

As someone who works quite deeply with people, I think that no matter how positive your statements are, if you have ANY negative beliefs or negative programming running through you, the vibration won’t be as high.  Remember “what we resist persists.”

Tapping is actually the perfect tool to use with Law of Attraction. Tapping releases the negativity that someone may not even know they have because it’s in the subconscious.  Tapping also helps let go of repressed emotions, memories, patterns, and vows.

If one has negative beliefs or thoughts and is trying to be more positive, what better way to deal with the negative than to get rid of it through Tapping. For me, it simplifies the process and makes the whole journey so much easier. Training yourself to be, think and feel more positive is a lot of work, but by using Tapping, it doesn’t have to be!   AND Tapping on the positive opens up the energy pathways and makes affirmations much more powerful.

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