What’s Your Agenda?

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In previous posts, I’ve talked about the 5 types of money and how each of them is affected by programming and limiting beliefs and the emotions that go along with these.

What about hidden agendas?

Many of us are creating or running businesses that we hope will be or already are successful (whatever that means to you). We try to make even more impact (and more income) doing what we love. Sometimes we are stopped by our own agendas and most of the time we don’t even know we have them. I’m going to show you some ways to uncover and clear any secret agenda that may be attached to making much more money (and impact). This agenda can keep you from having the energy, focus, and action that should be directed at your goals.

Let’s do a quick exercise.  Pick an income goal that’s three to four times bigger than your current one. Imagine yourself earning that much in the future and answer these questions:

1)    When I’m earning that much, I’ll finally feel: 1.__________, 2.__________, 3._____________.

2)    I’ll finally know that I’m:   1. __________, 2.____________, 3. __________

3)    I’ll have finally proved to (NAME) that I’m ___________________________

Some examples of what I’ve heard are: I’ll finally feel safe, I’ll finally feel validated and know I’m good enough, I’ll finally prove to my mother/father/teachers that I can do it.

What’s revealed in your answers is an entire agenda of emotional and psychological needs that you’ve unconsciously attached to earning more money. If you don’t clear the underlying agenda, it will create these really big unrealistic expectations and devastating lows when you try to reach your goals.

With agendas, normal challenges that come up will feel really personal and you’ll get more disappointed, more frustrated, and you won’t have enough energy to work through the challenges. So it’s very important to recognize your hidden agendas. Working toward your goals should be rewarding and enjoyable. We want to enjoy our work, right?

If you’d like to Tap on these hidden agendas so you can continue to work toward your goals with enthusiasm and excitement, click here for a tapping script.  If you’re not familiar with tapping, here’s the tapping diagram.

Imagine doing what you love most and giving your best to many more people who love to benefit from what you offer.  And really having fun while doing it!

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